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We are a part of the International Science Olympiads Discord Network (ISODN). You can join our services and websites with their respective links below:

Science OlympiadsDiscord LinkWebsite Link
Chemistry OlympiadsLinkYou're on it!
ISO Discord NetworkLinkNone
Mathematical OlympiadsLinkLink
Physics OlympiadLinkLink
Earth Science OlympiadsLinkNone
Astronomy OlympiadsLinkNone
Biology OlympiadsLinkNone

Staff and Contacts

If you need to contact CODS as a whole (for sponsorships, questions, problems, concerns, etc.) please use our official email:

Staff MemberPositionNameContact InformationFavorite FieldAdditional Information
FizzestHead AdministratorKwanwoo ParkEmail:, Discord: fizzest#0001Physical Organic Chemistry
Jerdan1980AdministratorJeremy TinanaEmail: Discord: Jerdan1980#8056Analytical Chemistry
AyameElizaSuzukiModeratorElizabeth DavisEmail: Discord: AyameElizaSuzuki#6175General Chemistry
apc1234567ModeratorAlec ZhuDiscord: apc1234567#2989Organic ChemistryIChO Gold ('19 & '20 Camper)
llamachemistStaffAnugrah ChemparathyDiscord: llamachemist#3917Physical ChemistryIChO Gold ('19 & '20 Camper)
StabellModeratorNicolai StabellDiscord: Stabell#6680 Email: NBStabell@gmail.comPhysical ChemistryCamp Mentor for Denmark

Competition Writers

While our contest curators are not officially staff, we would like to thank these people:

WriterContributionAdditional Information
Anugrah ChemparathySTC, SChO, WCC
Kwanwoo ParkACOT, WCC
Anathan SadagopanSTCUSA IChO Gold ('20)
Nicolai StabellACOT, WCCCamp Mentor
Ron ShprintsACOT, WCCIsrael IChO Silver ('20), Bronze ('19)
Qiyang ZhaoACOT, WCCUSA IChO Gold ('20)
Nick OuyangACOT, WCCUSA Camp '20 Participant

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