SOCC '22

This year's Spring Open Chemistry Competition (SOCC), or mock USNCO, over 90 participants from 13 (listed) countries competed for various prizes. As this serves as a mock USNCO, this competition does not sport our tier system, but instead has a single difficulty that is slightly harder than the predicted USCNO exam. We thank the problem writers for contributing towards the competition, and to Dr. Qiang Chen (Dr. Chen) and Professor Jianping Huang (JPH) for their quality assurance.

Link to Official Score Release
Link to Awards Ceremony Video
Link to Awards Ceremony Powerpoint


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The competition could not have been completed without the help of our contributors:

Problem Writers
Nicolai Bogø Stabell (Stabell#6680)
"Bluepianist" (bluepianist#9293)
Ne Dassanayake (ne#8428)
Phoenix Wu (harrumph#6618)
Sunwoo Lee (Apple Music#3051)
"YY" (YY#7292)
Kwanwoo Park (fizzest#0001)
Jeremy Tinana (Jerdan1980#8056)
Quality Assurance
Dr. Qiang Chen (Dr. Chen#4782)
Prof. Jianping Huang
Elizabeth Davis (AyameElizaSuzuki#6175)
Nicolai Bogø Stabell (Stabell#6680)
Jeremy Tinana (Jerdan1980#8056)


Overall Winners
1st place: Canaan He (90%)
2nd place: Nipun Dour (87%)
3rd place: Aquila N. Wolff (84%)
Aquila N. Wolff
Canaan He
Gideon Tzafriri
Mingwen Duan
Nipun Dour
High Honors
4435#4435Alberto AriostoAndrew Zhang
Anurag SodhiCaleb ZhaoDivyansh Shivashok
Eric WuFrank HorriganGilford Ting
jolly jumbuck#4124Satyankar ChandraTanay Chetan Kakliya
Vishwa Reddy AkkatiYiwei LiangZibin Shen
Achyuta RajaramAlor SahooAnnie Xu
Anurag#0841Aryan MorasaBookcat1#4898
Bowen YingBzed#4209chickennugget#5317
Chris GeDaniel DengDiar Haidary
Galen SongHana Gabriela Albuquerque SousaJiarui Peng
Jiaxu LiuKonnie DuanLawrence Zhao
Konnie DuanLawrence ZhaoLow Zhen Xuen
Manas JhawarNeil ChowdhuryOjas Sharma
Omar Islam LaskarOwen Feirainblizz#3308
Rohit HariSirOphion#0085Sonnet Xu
Soumya Kanta DasSrikar Venkatesanteuertreue#7813
Yash Mohan Lal

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