Should I hire a private tutor?

Over the last ten years, private tutoring has become popular within the Chemistry Olympiad scene. They are great for preparing for competitions, but we also encourage you to try preparing for the exam alone!

Here are some things to consider:

Private tutors won't provide you with secrets If you've considered tutoring because you expect the tutor to teach you all about the "secrets" of Chemistry Olympiad, you might be disappointed. Most of the information private tutors give can also be found on this website. They exist to help you digest the content.
rigid pacing. Most of the private tutors within the Olympiad community run on a lecture + problem set basis. You can't choose the pace you want to study Chemistry. This can sometimes lead to motivation problems, as many fail to keep up with the pace.
Learning by yourself is a even better accomplishment!
At the end of the day, tutoring is just another tool. There are dozens of people who have found success just by studying themselves. The tools does not make you a camper, your actions do!

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