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Introduction to CODS

CODS (Chemistry Olympiads Discord Server) is an online community composed of Chemistry Olympiad participants. We mainly talk about competitive chemistry, but also have general discussions from time to time.

If you haven't already, you can join our community discord server here.

Our Mission

Here at CODS, we promote collaboration and communication. We believe that one can improve much faster when heads collide, especially when the field allows for a variety of explanations and solutions for a single problem.

There has also been an increasing amount of open-source material for STEM learning, but none for competitive chemistry. With increasing competition and premium tutoring services in the Olympiad scene, we believe it is necessary to level the playing field for everyone.

Accordingly, all of CODS resources, competitions, and guides are and always will be free-to-use.

Rules in CODS

To enter the server, you must verify that you are a human. We sometimes receive (unpleasant) non-human guests, known as bots, and this verification process is a defense mechanism to prevent bots from spamming our discussion rooms (known as “channels”)

You can easily verify yourself through our #verification page by clicking on the green check mark at the very bottom of the page and reading the content above.

What exists within the #verification channel is the bare minimum we expect from you. Some of these rules might be confusing for anyone who has no prior experience using Discord, but don't worry; we'll make things clear.

  1. Be respectful. Don't be rude when answering questions. Debates are ok, personal insults and abuse are not. You need to respect first in order to be respected.

We care a lot about our community, so we hope that you treat us similarly to how you would like to be treated. In other words, please do not be rude to others within the community. Please keep this in mind particularly when you are giving or receiving help. Please don't be condescending when you're helping others, and please don't act entitled when you're receiving help. We don't appreciate either of those actions, and we will remove you from the community if necessary.

  1. Be wise. Don't post anything questionable or NSFW.

This should be obvious; this is a community mostly composed of students, so don't post anything NSFW. In terms of posting questionable content, a common mistake members of our community make is posting links related to piracy. This action violates the Discord TOS and you might get banned from Discord for doing so. Avoid this at all costs.

  1. Be relevant. Stay on topic or go to #lounge.

Please don't talk about how bad Starbucks coffee is in #chemistry-help or #organic-chemistry. Don't talk about your ex-girlfriend in #thought-box, or that one hilarious scene from the Office in #advertisements. Be relevant, and talk according to the topic set by the channel. This is especially true with using bot commands. You should only use bot commands in #bot-commands.

  1. Be nice. Help others out when needed.

This rule is a continuation to the first rule. Please be kind to others. Even if you can't see the person from the other side, don't forget that we are also humans, like you! If you're having a rough day, getting angry at someone because they don't understand a concept won't help. Instead, talk about what's causing you trouble (in #thought-box) and we'll try to make your day much better.

  1. Be appropriate. You are required to have a SFW, mentionable nickname.

This rule is a continuation to the second rule. We expect our community members to be mature to some extent. Giving yourself a NSFW nickname is equivalent to ruining your own reputation. Don't do it. Also, please make your nickname mentionable (any key in the ANSI layout is free to use) so members can mention you properly.

  1. Don’t spam. This is true especially for bot commands. If you’re using a bot, you should use it in a dedicated channel (#bot-commands).

Please do not spam our channels. Sending random messages that add nothing to the discussion is much worse than saying nothing. Don't make yourself look bad.

  1. Only active members are allowed to advertise in #advertisements. You are not allowed to advertise in other channels or anyone’s direct messages.

#advertisements is a channel that was made for our community members to share discord servers that might interest our community members. Hence he discourage advertising things that aren't related to our community. We also do not allow advertising outside this channel and anyone who ignores this rule will be punished accordingly. These include YouTube videos, websites, IQ tests, and advertising in personal messages to any server member. Do not send our server members anything without their permission.

  1. Observe all embargos on all contest papers, not just chemistry olympiad. We take this very seriously.

We hold a lot of competitions, but so do our partners. There are also official competitions and exams such as AP tests, Olympiads, etc. that we are very strict about. This also includes any exams that are related to school. Any attempt at discussion of any ongoing exam (including academic tests) will get you not only expelled from our server, but our partner servers as well.

  1. Please spoiler anything that might hint at the solution to a problem by using ||spoiler||. Make clear what is being spoilered.

Spoiler is a function in Discord that allows you to hide text that can be seen by clicking the hidden text. You can try it out on Discord by surrounding the desired text with two || each. All solutions or hints to a problem, especially in #potd-discussion should be spoilered. Basically, don't spoiler answers to problems. You don't want to ruin the fun for others.

  1. Please do not DM staff members. We are very busy and can’t read all of your nice messages. If it is a matter that must be handled privately, please direct message fizzest#0001.

Please don't direct message staff members for private help. We sadly don't have the time to help you individually. Use the server properly. It was designed to help you. To clarify, when I mean a "matter that must be handled privately", I'm talking about reporting malicious members, concerns about staff, etc.

After you've acknowledged all of these rules and agree to them, feel free to react to the green check mark button. It'll give you the member role. If it doesn't, please send a message in #new-members.

Channels in CODS

There are a variety of channels in CODS that are suited for different purposes. Here are some of them:

Important The most important channels in CODS are in this category. You should visit them frequently.

  • #server-info - information about the CODS community is written here. This is the first channel you should look at after getting verified.
  • #faqs - We get a lot of frequently asked questions, so the top questions are written here. These will be repeated in the Preparation for Chemistry Olympiads section later, but in more detail. This is the second channel you should look at after reading #server-info.
  • #partners - The CODS community is friends with other competitive academic communities. You can join a server that interests you in this channel. There are servers similar to us that deal with different fields, such as physics and mathematics. You can join those through the ISO Discord Network.
  • #server-announcements - Any new updates on the server will be posted here. You should check this page regularly since we also post competition sign-ups here. You can get reminders for updates by going into Settings (see #server-info for more detail).

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  • #chemistry-help - You can get help with chemistry questions here. We prefer questions from Chemistry Olympiads, but textbook questions are fine as well. Do not even consider posting your school exam questions here, you will be expelled from the server and reported to Discord. Only discussion of the question asked is permitted, anything else should go in #lounge.
  • #lounge - A place where you can talk about anything, not just chemistry. We often talk about cooking, drinks, history, classical music, etc. Really, as long as it respects our rules, anything is fair game.
  • #vip-lounge (currently known as #tetracycline-lounge) - If you're active within our community, you get access to this channel. This is just a more secluded version of #lounge.
  • #bot-commands - This is where you use bots in CODS. Nowhere else are bots permitted to use except music bots in #voice-channel and game bots in #games.
  • #starboard - The community's favorite messages are posted here. You can favorite a message by reacting a message (right click on message > Add Reaction) a star emoji. The minimum amount of star reactions required is four to be put in this channel.
    *#voice-channel - If you happen to use our voice channels to discuss, you can use this channel to use our music bots (bots that can play music) or to talk with people in the call (in the case you don't possess a microphone)

Study Topics In study topics, we dive more into specific fields in Chemistry. You can use these respective channels as an alternative to #chemistry-help, especially if it is too advanced for most members and requires help from more experienced members (like IChO participants).

PoTD Problem of The Day is an on-going series where both original and non-original questions are posted daily. We have two types of PoTDs: #problem-of-the-day, and #challenge-potd, a much harder version of #problem-of-the-day. Do not forget to use spoilers in #potd-discussion.

Miscellaneous This category is for channels that aren't necessary at CODS.

  • #games - In this channel, you can play games such as connect 4, trivia challenge, hangman etc through our CODSbot. Refer to Bots in CODS for more information.
  • #advertisements - explained above. #memes - Any chemistry memes you'd like to share should go here. #new-members - Those who aren't verified can get support here. Existing members can say hi to new members as well!
    #thought-box - Any controversial or sensitive topic should go here, such as politics.

ISO Discord Network

We are a part of the International Science Olympiads Discord Network (ISODN). This is a group of communities like us that handle different STEM topics for their respective Olympiads. You can check them out:

Science OlympiadsDiscord LinkWebsite Link
ISO Discord NetworkLinkNone
Mathematical OlympiadsLinkLink
Physics OlympiadLinkLink
Earth Science OlympiadsLinkNone
Astronomy OlympiadsLinkNone

All ISODN servers are bounded by the Constitution which you can read here.

Roles in CODS

Roles indicate a "status" at CODS. They can also be an indication for achievements, activity within the community, etc.

There are so many roles in CODS that explaining all of them would be very difficult. You can read about our roles in #server-info.

You can gain certain roles by reacting to the green check mark in #server-info, which gives you access to #settings. There, you can adjust your self-assignable roles.

Settings at CODS

To exit the settings menu, you can react to the green check mark in #settings.

Bots in CODS

We have a lot of bots in CODS. Bots assist our community in many different ways, most of which are related to moderation. However, there are some handy bots members of our community can use for general purposes:

CODSgeneral: This bot is a general purpose bot. You can use it to play games, customize roles, buy roles, etc. Type in #bot-commands to see the commands you can use. The prefix for commands is c.. For example, to use the timely command (a command that gives you CODScoins every 12 hours, which is a currency at CODS) you would type c.timely, not .timely.
Tatsu: This is also a general purpose bot. You can explore all of the commands you can use by typing t!help in #bot-commands. The prefix used for this bot is t..
Rhyhm: This is a bot that allows you to share music with your friends. Join any of our voice channels and type !join to start. You can learn about what commands you can use through !help. The prefix used for this bot is r..

Don't forget: you are not allowed to use these bots outside of #bot-commands, #games, and #voice-channel.

Staff and Contacts

If you need to contact CODS as a whole (for sponsorships, concerns, etc.) please use our official email:

Individual Staff contacts are in the About page.

We collect anonymous data about page views and site interaction. Data is not collected if you have "Do Not Track" enabled.

CODSite was made by our community and staff members on the CODServer. If you would like to contribute, visit our Github

For inquiries, click here. For donations, contact

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